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Product photography is more important than ever in the digital age, as customers increasingly shop online and rely on high-quality images to make purchasing decisions. Photographers are constantly experimenting with new techniques to make their product photos stand out and grab the attention of potential buyers.

Individual shot

One popular approach is the "individual shot" where the product is photographed on a white background and isolated from other elements. This style of photography is often used in online stores and e-commerce websites, as it allows customers to see all aspects of the product.

Lifestyle shot

Another trend in recent years is the "lifestyle shot" where the product is photographed in its natural environment and used by real people. For example, a perfume bottle might be photographed on a woman's dresser or in the hand of a young man. This approach helps customers envision the product in their own lives and creates a more emotional connection with the product.

Product photography

Group shot

The "group shot" is also gaining popularity, where the product is photographed among other products of the same category or line. This approach can be especially effective for showcasing a product's packaging, branding, and reputation.

Detailed shot

Another essential technique is the "detailed shot" where the product is photographed up close, highlighting specific details like the logo, cap, or other unique features. This approach is useful for showcasing the quality and craftsmanship of a product.


The "packshot" is another important style of product photography, which is a photograph of a product including its package and label. This approach is useful for showcasing the branding and reputation of a product.


A relatively new approach is "flatlay" photography, a top-view photograph of a product, often with other props. This style of photography is often used to showcase the product creatively and artistically.

In addition to these traditional approaches, photographers are experimenting with more minimalistic and creative techniques, such as using non-white backgrounds and incorporating props and lighting effects to create a mood or atmosphere.

Overall, it's important to remember that a creative, high-quality product photograph can make a huge difference in selling a product. By offering various styles and techniques, photographers can showcase the details and look and feel of a product, helping customers make an informed and confident purchase.

Last Updated: Tue Feb 14 2023

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